When The Black Hand Touches You


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I’m you favorite rappers god rapper the body snatcher pistol packer Straight from the Memphis zoo guess that makes me a dirty bastard Duck niggas try to move unseen we see the patterns We saw’em he ran fast but the bullets were much faster We hear the chatter but way on the other side Fuck you mean you on go heard you niggas don’t never ride Smoke on a daily basis I get heavily supplied Yea g I’m naturally thuggin this shit ain’t come with a guide Not surprised that niggas be yapping they can’t stand’me Meanwhile I’m on the slab getting dome in my yota Camry  My baby nasty down for her nigga keeps me groovey Get pulled over don’t panic she hide the tree by her coochie My life’s a movie go through scenes with out the camera Digged my way through the dirt just to keep me from going backwards We in the same book but it’s clear we in different chapters Im born commander saw that in me crawling in pampers But rapper think cause I gotta son that makes’em safe Nah I’m still tha same dog that’ll kick in and go straight for ya safe So what you say aw we got a problem then we arriving Bitch niggas steadily thriving while real ones constantly dying Never will understand why the real ain’t the ones surviving Whack shit has been globalizing can’t feel’em when they be rhyming It’s all about perfect timing been fucked without realizing Hard for niggas to honor the real when it’s fuckery being provided These niggas can’t move this giant they try but never succeed Shit I thought they were women the way we made them pussies bleed They wanna mimic this greatness but we move at high speed Niggas outta they league and ain’t eligible to compete Yea we trying to move up we want the deluxe nothing lower The times are much colder so I keep a chip on my shoulder Try my best to connect but I can’t see what fuckers seeing Guess I’m a higher being can’t relate to the misleading This ain’t sucka niggas night only thoroughs in here this evening Never could we be even I’ll show you don’t need a reason So shhhh be quiet bruh I’m hunting it’s rapper season Ain’t no touch by no angel when In the grips of a demon I move like a praying mantis no limits when on this canvas We see these niggas antics fugazi we the authentic I’m technical with the techniques but tactical with the tactics My style I heard is unique but nasty like bloody panties Still moving silently and rolling greenery when I be riding g Grip my strap cause I get paranoid when niggas eying me Smoking the fatest blunts cause it suppresses my anxiety For hot heads these hot shells come in varieties 4 5 223’s and 308’s Knock of limbs we’re close casket niggas aim for the face Why put on a mask bruh I’m already in blackface Move amongst the wolves these sheep niggas be outta place When unloading on these suckas pierce through’em I don’t graze Fuck you mean I am god body homie so give praise Ain’t no actions from them suckas these maggots just talk brave Fucking round and the next time he nap will be in a grave Memphis made and I roll with them dogs yea that’s my squadron Beg ya pardon bet that bull shit cease when you meet the carbine Give him something think about when hollows aimed at his noggin Get the point across once them revolvers get to revolving And the blood spills when caps peel these bustas squeal Shots rang them bitch niggas start doing tornado drills Smoke out of vacuum seals fuck a glock tote a Springfield A lot artill my closet looks like I’m a navy seal Rappers say they bout it bullshit these niggas wearing heels Yea I said it and I stand on it give fuck how niggas feel God status fear no man bruh I could never kneel We from the dirt yellow tape games these bustas know the deal Operation 187 for those who pose a threat Saw them dogs was in this direction he had to redirect Thug by nature fuck being naughty no disrespect to trech Niggas be wearing vest but dumb fucka we aiming for your head Man down somebody hurry call the paramedics But it’s useless you think bruh can survive you can forget it One shot to the cranium his thoughts met the asphalt Yea they be billy bad but run into him that shit halts Yea uh-huh





released January 15, 2021


all rights reserved



FXCK RXP Dortmund, Germany

Record Label

1 Man Gang



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